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Goal: The RELATE program is a summer workshop that meets once a week for 8 weeks, during which time you develop a presentation to be recorded/posted to youtube and then participate in a public talk about a science topic (typically some version of what you or your field is about).  There are a variety of different venues that you can choose for this public talk, and several (Science by the Pint, Nerd Nite) are ongoing events that occur outside of the RELATE program.  Many participants in RELATE continue to be involved and have the opportunity to present at any or all of these venues.  

Time Commitment: 8 sessions, 2 hrs each, in the summer, followed by participation in at least one public outreach event of your choice.

Age Range of Participants: Candidate level graduate students can apply for the program, but outreach events include all ages, depending on the event.

Contact Information:

informal chemistry contact: Peter Goldberg