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Local Outreach

Science Olympiad
Goal: to encourage students to think science and engineering problems and develop their passion for science through having fun and participating in competitions.

Goal: The RELATE flagship summer program teaches grad students and post-docs how to effectively communicate their research to the public.  The RELATE leaders also organize and/or publicize science communication events in the Ann Arbor Area.

Goal: The section activities seek the encouragement and advancement of chemistry in all its branches, the increase and diffusion of chemical knowledge, the promotion of scientific interests and inquiry, and the stimulation of the professional interest and promotion of the well-being of its members.

Goal: to share your expertise and enthusiasm for science with elementary, middle, or high school teacher and their students over the course of one school year.

Goal: To engage middle-school girls in STEM fields through after school activities and a Saturday Capstone Science Day at UM.

Goal: The Michigan Science Center (MiSci) is a unique, fun and dynamic hands-on museum, offering programs that inspire children and their families to discover, explore and appreciate science, technology and math in a fun, dynamic learning environment