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Science Outreach Opportunities

Science Olympiad

Goal: to encourage students to think science and engineering problems and develop their passion for science through 
having fun and participating in competitions

Time Commitment: 1-2 hours one afternoon/week from 3:30-5:30pm (depending on volunteers)

Age Range of Participants: 2-5th

Contact Information: If interested in participating in the Science Olympiad at Ann Arbor Christian School, contact Ben 
Klepser (bklepser@gmail.com). For other participating schools and information about events visit www.soinc.org


Goal: I am talking about a program, but also advocating for a type of outreach that exists beyond the program. 
Specifically, the RELATE program is a summer workshop that meets once a week for 8 weeks, during which time you 
develop a presentation to be recorded/posted to youtube and then participate in a public talk about a science topic 
(typically some version of what you or your field is about). There are a variety of different venues that you can choose 
for this public talk, and several (Science by the Pint, Nerd Nite) are ongoing events that occur outside of the RELATE 
program. Many participants in RELATE continue to be involved and have the opportunity to present at any or all of 
these venues. Since the workshop occurs only in the summer, I will focus mainly on the public presentation events and 
encourage involvement in the RELATE community, then briefly promote the workshop that happens in the summer.

Time Commitment: 8 sessions, 2 hrs each, in the summer, followed by participation in at least one public outreach event 
of your choice.

Age Range of Participants: Candidate level graduate students can apply for the program, but outreach events include all 
ages, depending on the event.

Contact Information: https://sites.google.com/a/umich.edu/relate3/home

Huron Valley Chapter of the ACS

Goal: The section activities seek the encouragement and advancement of chemistry in all its branches, the increase 
and diffusion of chemical knowledge, the promotion of scientific interests and inquiry, and the stimulation of the 
professional interest and promotion of the well-being of its members. 

This is done through hosting seminars, as well as events around the Washtenaw County to put on chemistry demos for 
elementary, middle, and high school students (and their parents) to excite them about science!

Time Commitment: ~2-3 hours on a weekend, very flexible with commitment

Age Range of Participants: All ages!

Contact Information: 
http://huronvalley.sites.acs.org/ (this is the ACS Huron Valley chapter website)

ACS Science Coach

Goal: to share your expertise and enthusiasm for science with elementary, middle, or high school teacher and their 
students over the course of one school year.

Time Commitment: Meet with teacher at least 6 times/year, fill out application *Due date for application is 10/30/14—
you need to partner with a teacher for this* You can either work behind the scenes to help plan lessons, or you can go 
into the school to mentor students. It’s really up to you and the teacher to decide what works best for you both.

Age Range of Participants: elementary to high school

Contact Information: http://www.acs.org/content/acs/en/education/outreach/science-coaches.html


Goal: To engage middle-school girls in STEM fields through after school activities and a Saturday Capstone Science Day at 

Time Commitment: Minimal, as many events as desired. We have 3 after-school events (2-3 hr/per event) this semester 
and one all-day Saturday event. Next semester will be equivalent

Age Range of Participants: Volunteers are graduate students, undergraduates, post-docs, and a few professors at the all-
day event. Participants are middle school age, from 4th-7th grade.

Contact Information:   http://femmes.studentorgs.umich.edu/;

Detroit Museums

Goal: The Michigan Science Center (MiSci) is a unique, fun and dynamic hands-on museum, offering programs that 
inspire children and their families to discover, explore and appreciate science, technology and math in a fun, dynamic 
learning environment. Through an interactive approach to science with engaging, hands-on exhibits, shows and 
activities, MiSci strives to help launch the next generation of Michigan’s engineers, scientists and innovators, and 
significantly impact the cultural and economic renewal of Detroit and Michigan.

As a volunteer, you lead demonstrations and help with hands on activities at MiSci and at other events within 
the community they sponsor.

Time Commitment: 8hrs/month

Age Range of Participants: 3-99+, children of all ages plus their adult supervision

Contact Information: 

Call 313.577.8400, Option 453, or e-mail volunteers@mi-sci.org