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2015 Events

January 12: Ascending the Summit - How to make the best post-doc application and interview

Organizers: Jessica Rabuck-Gibbons, Jordan Boothe

A panel event featuring four chemistry professors from the UM who shared their perspectives and experiences about hiring potential post-docs.  Panelists were selected to represent different clusters and different stages of their academic careers: Dr. Carol Fierke (Jerome and Isabella Karle Distinguished University Professor of Chemistry Chair, Chemistry, College of LSA Professor of Biological Chemistry, Medical School, Chem Bio cluster), Dr. Nicolai Lenhert (Associate Professor of Chemistry and Biophysics, College of Literature, Science, and the Arts, Inorganic cluster), Dr. Brandon Ruotolo (Assistant Professor, Analytical cluster), and Dr. Corinna Schindler (Assistant Professor, Organic cluster).

Read the fabulous summary and analysis of events at Tree Town Chemistry.

April 16: Stopping the Stubbles: A Public Speaking Workshop

Organizers: Jessica Rabuck-Gibbons, Molly Soper

A group of 7 from the Toastmasters organization lead a workshop describing best practices when public speaking to develop skills that will be transferable to conference presentations and job interviews. Participants also prepared 2-minute speeches that were evaluated by Toastmaster attendees in a non-threatening, friendly, and encouraging way.

April 21: Academic career panel

Organizers: Taylor Johnson, Ian Pendleton

A panel of three post-docs detailed their search for academic positions, answering a suite of questions posed by the audience. A handout was provided which outlined a rough timeline for students and post-docs to use. Thanks to Alison Narayan (University of Michigan, LSI) James Devery (Loyola University Chicago, Department of Chemistry), and Joseph Topczewski (University of Minnesota, Department of Chemistry) for your participation in the event, and good luck with your new positions!

April 28: Industrial career panel

Organizers: Amanda Leone, Kyle McDonald, Ian Pendleton

Three graduate students [Alina Borovika (Nagorny), Ben Klepser (Bartlett), Monica Lotz (Sanford)] described the anxiety-filled process of applying, interviewing, and negotiating for an industrial position. They reflected on their decisions, offered useful advice, and fielded questions from the audience.

August 7: Alumni networking dinner

Organizers: Peter Goldberg, Taylor Johnson

Event description as covered on page 8 of the fall 2015 alumni newsletter:

Chemistry graduate students facing the job market took away advice and encouragement from alumni at the networking dinner partnered with the Karle Symposium in August. Alumni were invited back to campus to learn about current research at the University and engage with graduate students throughout the day. Following the symposium, ten alumni and sixteen graduate students met for dinner at the Michigan Union. 

The dinner provided a relaxed environment for students and alumni to connect on a more personal level and learn about what graduates have done since entering the workforce, explains Peter Goldberg, a PhD candidate in the Anne McNeil’s group. He chairs the Chemistry Professional Development Organization, which organized the dinner. Some alumni came from companies that actively recruit students, so learning about what these companies are looking for, how grad students can better market themselves, and making those initial connections with the company was very valuable, students reported. For alumni, this event provided an opportunity to connect back to the University at many levels. They could meet up with former advisors, and could interact with students throughout the day at the Karle Symposium. Some used it as a reunion with others from their old labs. “As our attendance grows, there will be more opportunities for these types of reunions,” Goldberg points out. The 2016 dinner will be held on Sunday evening, July 24, 2016 and the Karle Symposium, the following day, Monday July 25, 2016. Email the CPDO at chempdo2009@umich.edu for more information and to receive reminders of the 2016 dinner.

August/September: NSF Workshop during orientation

Organizers: Ian Pendleton, Emilia Groso

Corinna Schindler and Corey Stephenson walked incoming graduate students through the ins and outs of the NSF GRFP from a logistical standpoint and as reviewers. Award recipients from previous years also presented some of their insights and provided examples of how to compose a successful grant.

October 7 & 8: ACS on Campus

Organizers: Jordan Boothe, Peter Goldberg, Emilia Groso Ye Li (U of M library), Shannon O'Reilly (ACS)

Over 100 students and post-docs attended this 2-day panel, workshop, and science cafe. Agenda and speaker details are listed here.