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2013 Events

December 12. Networking Workshop.
Organizers: Taylor Johnson, Danielle Zurcher. 
Chemistry graduate students and postdoctoral researchers came together for cookies, cocoa, and coffee to socialize and meet new people by playing mingalo. 

November 6. Presentation Skills Workshop.
Organizers: Beth Haas, Shuwen Sun, Laura Thoma
University of Michigan Chemistry Professors Kevin Kubarych and Paul Zimmerman offered tips on crafting and delivering scientific presentations. Resources from this event are available here.

October 3. NSF GRF Application Seminar.
Organizers: Garrett Goh, Ben Klepser, Ian Pendleton.
CPDO hosted a discussion led by Professor Melanie Sanford regarding the general application process of the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, including details and advice about essays.

June 20. Academic Job Panel.
Organizers: Alina Borovika and Carol Ann Pitcarn
CPDO hosted a panel discussion of chemistry/biochemistry academic jobs at liberal arts colleges and small universities.  Panelists included Dr. Kendra Evans (University of Detroit Mercy) and Dr. Chris Rohlman (Albion College),  both of whom received their Ph.D. degrees from U of M. They joined us to share their experiences and answer questions about getting academic jobs and what it's like to work in these academic settings.

May 14. Proctor and Gamble Professional Development Workshop.
Organizers: Laura Thoma
Dr. Janette Villalobos and Dr. Tamiika Hurst from Proctor and Gamble visited the Chemistry department to host two seminars relating to professional development. The first seminar focused on industry positions at P&G, including transitioning from academic to industrial reseacher, the first years on the job, and different routes available for chemists at P&G. The second seminar discussed building your professional equity and included discussions on mentoring, networking, and leadership in the workplace, as well as giving an overview of what P&G looks for in applicants.

April 18. The Two Body Problem: Finding Work for You and Your Significant Other.
Organizers: Se Ryeon Lee, Carol Ann Pitcarn, Laura Thoma
The panelists included Dr. Julie Biteen (UM Chemistry professor), Dr. Evan Trivedi (Postdoctoral researcher, Pecoraro Lab), and Dr. Onas Bolton (Postdoctoral researcher, Matzger Lab) who discussed how they handled finding jobs for both themselves and their spouses. 

March 14. Industry Panel.
Organizers: Garrett Goh, Se Ryeon Lee
Two industry scientists including Dr. James Mobley (Cayman Chemical Company) and Dr. Timothy De Vries (Dow Chemical Company), participated in a panel discussion with graduate students and postdoctoral researchers about life in industry, including their career paths, and compared working for large vs. small companies. 

February 25. Creating Posters with Adobe Illustrator.
Organizers: Wenyi Cai, Beth Haas
Rob Pettigrew, a Senior Instructional Design Specialist from the UM Library system taught students how to use Adobe Illustrator to create attractive and engaging posters.