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2009 Events

December 04, 2009. CPDO open house
Organizers: Corissa Lamphear, Alana Canfield
This informal event provided members of the department with an opportunity to ask questions about CPDO, learn more about joining our group, and provide suggestions for future initiatives.

November 23, 2009. Networking breakfast
Organizer: Alana Canfield
This event in our periodic series of networking opportunities enabled interaction between faculty, students, and postdocs over breakfast.  Plates of different colors were successfully used to encourage participants to network with someone new.

November 11, 2009. Panel discussion: Industry and Beyond
Organizer: Valerie Cwynar
Drs. Lidaris San Miguel Rivera (Dow), Catherine Summers (Sankyo Pharma), Chris Whitehead (ex-Pfizer, now UM MBA), and Peter Wuts (Kalexsyn) shared their perspectives on different kinds of chemistry-related companies and the variety of career paths available in industry.

October 27, 2009. Dr. Debra Rolison: Careers in federal research
Organizer: Shannon Watt
Dr. Debra Rolison (Naval Research Lab) gave a talk on careers in federal research labs and discussed the wide variety of career paths she and her colleagues have pursued within the U.S. government.

October 23, 2009. CPDO seminar series: Rigoberto Hernandez
Organizers: Valerie Cwynar, Terry Watt
Professor Rigoberto Hernandez (Georgia Tech) presented a department research seminar, discussed balancing research and other components of an academic career, touched on diversity in academic settings, and met one-on-one with students as an outside mentor.

August 13, 2009. Panel on academic positions at non-R1 institutions
Organizers: Corissa Lamphear, Terry Watt
This event focused on faculty positions at schools outside the “Research I” world of UM. Professors Deborah Heyl-Clegg (Eastern Michigan), Tom Kuntzleman (Spring Arbor), Keith McCleary (Adrian), and Christopher Rohlman (Albion) gave advice to the 50 audience members on preparing for careers at teaching-focused institutions and shared their insights on teaching, chemical education, research, and community outreach.

August 11, 2009. Panel on mechanics of tenure-track academic job search
Organizer: Shannon Watt
A faculty panel discussed the process of applying for tenure-track academic jobs at Ph.D.- granting institutions like UM. Profs. Bartlett, Fierke, and Montgomery shared their perspectives with the 40 audience members, explaining and answering questions about all aspects of the process—from identifying open positions to negotiating once an offer has been made.

July 24, 2009. Ice cream social
Organizer: Alana Canfield
In response to numerous requests for networking opportunities to increase informal interaction among faculty, postdocs, and graduate students, our first in a series of such events brought together more than 80 people over Washtenaw Dairy ice cream.

July 10, 2009. Panel with departing postdocs on academic jobs
Organizers: Alana Canfield, Xiaomu Guan
This panel discussion featured four department postdocs on the verge of departing for their new faculty jobs at different kinds of universities. Drs. Gabe Hanna, Liz McDowell, Hung Nguyen, and Sam Pazicni shared their successful academic job search stories.

June 8, 2009. Networking/ CPDO kickoff
Organizers: Alana Canfield, Shannon Watt
Our first event was a joint kickoff session/networking event to help faculty, postdocs, and graduate students get to know CPDO and one another better over pizza.